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J.T RavonX

11219333_100750876927701_109850726205386_nI am a FOREX trader of over 5 years and have tried and tested it all. I lost a lot of money in the first couple of years trading, more than you can imagine…!!! This drove me to find a way to recover loss and become successful by studing market behavior. Its no secret that if you want to be successful in this business you need to trade the opening of the London market. I have extensively studied the patterns of market behavior around this time and has led to successful trades, one after another. When I came across Roberto’s EA and learned about his programming / back testing skills I knew I wanted to jump on board and share my knowledge with him and see if I could offer any benefits. I purchased the EA as an “early bird” and a week later we collaborated for an update increasing ROI from 300% to 500%. AWESOME..!!! (ROI return on investment) I will continue to support Roberto’s sincere efforts to create an amazing EA that is always striving to read the markets intelligently leading to profits. I invite you all to come and learn with us while being provided an automated solution creating you a PASSIVE INCOME thus freeing your life for the pleasures you dream to have time and money for. Take care all, see you on the inside…

Mr. Jason Tincani


Sonia Fassini

EA OLMBS - Testimonial Sonia Fassini
EA OLMBS - Excel testimonial (Sonia Fassini)

Robin Rowe
Robin Rowe testimonial EA OLMBS - Testimonial Robin Rowe

Eduardo Soto Ruiz


Karl Eichenmuller


Andrea Garcea

Andrea Garcea - cliente 4

Silvestro Sanna

testimonial Silvestro Sanna


testimonial Mdudzi

Per-Olof Norberg

testimonial Per Olof

Vito Pecoraro

testimonial Vito Pecoraro

Luca Tiveron

testimonial Luca Tiveron

Prasad Vijayan

avatar Prasad Vijayan

Lapo Salvini

Lapo Salvini testimonial
Parthiban Rajendran

testimonial Parthiban Rajendran

Scott Odom

testimonial Scott Odom

Andrea Baldelli

testimonial andrea Baldelli
Ada Ricioppo

testimonial Ada ricioppo
Lilly Wang

testimonial Lilly Wang
Andrea Del Prete

testimonial Andrea Del Prete

 Massimiliano Domenighetti

massimiliano testimonial EA


testimonial alfred kupiers

WOOOWWW!! +500€ on 3000€ account!













subscriber profit Danijel
25%+ on a €400 live account! Great!

“Fabio Zanella”
testimonial Fabio Zanella+20%+ in his account! Congrats 





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