Penny Stocks – The Potential of Trading

Penny Stocks – The Potential of Trading
There is always fascination in the world of Penny Stocks, a little niche of the whole trading market, and that because it’s usual to see big moves on the prices that give opportunities to get 20%, 30%, 40%, or more! (volatility) in some days or even in some hours! These big moves are caused for a reason (predictability) and most of the time they repeat over and over again! (repetitiveness).
These three characteristics give to the Penny Stocks world a nice edge and good opportunities!

After only 1 year and half (3 years in total when I started with Forex) of trading, now I have knowledge and experience to give you, with this complete DVD video course, in 10 full lessons where I explain all about Penny Stocks, from beginners to the advanced concepts and advanced strategies; I’ll explain (in the lesson n.8) also a great and unkown technique that helped me to be faster and triple the learning process (it’s called the IMAGERY).
There are also 4 Bonus Lessons, in wich I talk my live trades (for example some nice $1000 profit in 10 minutes 🙂 and most important how I manage the trades), I’ll talk also about successful traders and the approach of “thinking in probabilities”.
Here a preview of the Video Course:

Penny Stocks – The Potential of Trading (Complete Video Course) by Roberto La Bella
Slides of the preview —->>> Penny Stocks – Lessons Program – Preview

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